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Are you getting what you paid for when, and after your solar system is installed?

At REA we pride ourselves on customer service, we always go above and beyond to ensure the customer is 100% happy and gets what they envisioned. As one of the Directors of REA I make sure my install team do not leave their job unless everything is perfect ( within reason ) and this goes all the way down to sweeping the ground to make sure we have not left one ounce of rubbish! I have been in the solar and electrical industry for almost 16 years now, and from my experience it is very important to put safety first. With electrical components within the solar installation it is imperative that every point, from the circuit breakers in the meter box, to the cabling used, to the earthing points on the panels, is installed to AS300 standards. You will see hundreds of solar systems out there where the installers have run conduits across roofs, and down the side of walls, well it is absolutely my last case scenario using conduit as it looks hideous, we go above and beyond and lift roof sheets, drill down 2 story walls, just to make sure the cabling is concealed so the customer can’t see it!

Our after sales service is also above and beyond a normal conventional solar system, as we have panel by panel monitoring so not only can the customer monitor their system, so do we and this is 24/7 7 days a week. So if any issues came up with the system we contact you!! Here at REA we promise you will get the best solar system on the market, and that means the best installed system on the market, so are you getting what you paid for when you buy an REA solar system? To me its a no brainer it money well spent and the solar system will eventually pay itself off for you. For more information on residential solar , commercial solar , solar power , solar panels , battery storage , micro inverters , solar installers in Brisbane , Queensland feel free to contact one of our expert today!

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