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Energy Independence Realised

REA IQ Plug and Play Solar Technology Integrated with Tesla Powerwall to produce your own energy during the day to use,
store and use at night and during a blackout.

Solar Power Changing The World

Be part of the Energy Evolution with REA Solar, reduce your electricity bills, dependence on the electricity grid and install the latest solar power technology today. REA Solar is leading the way in solar innovation and installations with our HQ in Brisbane Australia. REA Solar works with leading solar power manufacturers to develop the worlds leading solar power products that guarantee the maximum performance and reliability from your rooftop or ground mount installation.

When designing and installing a solar power system there are many factors we must all consider, much like when a client is looking to purchase a solar system we do extensive dudilligence on each and every component that makes up the REA Solar system. Our manufacturing partners must share the same ambitions and ethics as we do for our society and solar industry, they must also pass our strict IQ set of standards that far exceed standard testing certification for general sale.


Solar Power Battery Storage = Energy Independence

The key to energy independence and being able to use your own power produced from your solar power system 24 hours a day is adding battery storage to your home solar power or commercial solar power system. With the recent rapid growth of electric vehicles, solar battery storage has benefited from the increased demand for the technology and has enabled manufacturers to improve the technology and cost efficiency.

We are now at a point of grid parity that means a solar power and battery storage system is now in many cases a lower cost per kWh than purchasing your power from the electricity grid. Even with a solar loan you can now purchase your own power from your own solar panels for a lower cost than paying your electricity bill and the best part is when the system is paid off you have free power for the next 20 years.

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