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Solar Installers Brisbane

solar installers solar installers brisbane

Your search for solar installers in Brisbane ends with us at REA solar! It is our mission to see to it that everyone in Brisbane enjoys electricity at affordable prices, which is why we are the go-to solar panel installers in Brisbane. It is no news that electricity prices are not reducing in Brisbane. The exciting news is that your quality solar panel installer in Brisbane, REA solar, is here to guide you through the wisest decision of purchasing solar panels.


The demand for solar panels is not reducing and it is not stagnant. A lot of people are engaging the services of solar panel installers in Brisbane; REA solar delivers a quality job and this is the best time to invest in solar energy! We also provide free consultation at REA solar so do not hesitate to contact us right away.


Here is a rundown of what we offer our customers.



Optimized Designs

Our solar panels have been designed and redesigned to supply maximum energy while at the same time guaranteeing safety at incontestable levels. We are reputably the top solar panel installers in Brisbane because we invest quality time into designing the most appropriate solar panels for our clients. Regular solar panels use an inefficient method of a single inverter to convert power, however, we happen to be the solar panel installers in Brisbane that prioritize quality and invest sufficient time into providing solar panels that have been designed to convert power at a level that comes down to each panel.



The most reliable products

The panels we use at REA solar for our customers are of great quality and are fitted to perform well even in scenarios of low lighting. REA solar panel installers in Brisbane are equipped to provide quality products and services at affordable prices; each of our panel has a dual zone design that increases shade tolerance by an amount that is 50% over the conventional solar panels around. This means you get more electric power into your home for a longer period of time, thus reducing your bills the more. The solar panel installers in Brisbane with a solid guarantee on all products.



Expert Installers

REA Solar are highly trusted solar installers Brisbane. We have a team of in-house and highly trained installers. Our installation experts, will arrive at your home at the agreed time, complete installation and run you through the set up of your new solar system and have it running as quickly as possible, which is usually four to eight hours.

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