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Investing with Solar Energy, How does it work?


Generous Rebates Still Available

The Australian Government pays up to $4,176 towards the value of your system via Small Technology Certificates (STC’s). Some States receive additional rebates which can contribute even more!


Get Paid To Export To The Grid

Your retailer will pay you for the excess power you don’t use.


Solar Has Never Been Cheaper

Solar system prices have never been cheaper and start from around $3,000!


Reduce Future Power Price Rises

By installing solar, you’ll reduce your reliance on the grid and the price rises that will come.


Great Returns On Investment

Solar is one of the best investments you can make, not only will it lower your electricity bills and increase property value but it can pay for itself within 3-5 years.


Solar protection for the next 25 years

With a 25 year warranty, your home will be powered by clean Renewable Energy now and into the future.

Next Generation Solar Panels




More Power

Each panel is optimised for maximum yield. If one panel is shaded it does not affect any other panel in the system.


Multi Weather

Double sided cell design, low light absorbtion and advanced high temperature tolerance.


Panel Monitoring

Monitor each solar panel independently for maximum performance security. Featuring automatic performance alert to tech support.


Low Cost Per kwh

Save more money on electricity bills by producing more power and offsetting your grid usage.


Superior Safety

No high voltage DC, no DC isolators required making the system 100 times safer and maintenance free.


Warranty Protection

25 year product 25 year performance on-site warranty including local warranty support backed by component manufacturer.


Lightest Strongest

The world’s lightest solar system and the only system to be independently storm certified by James Cook university.


Zero PID

Guaranteed against potential induced degradation that is caused by high voltage and high temperature.

Higher Efficiency Solar : Produce More Energy Over Time and Use Less Roof Space

Designed for superior performance and higher efficiency, our Fusion solar panel produces 465 watts and more electricity than the less efficient panels. Perfect for rooftops with limited space and for anyone looking to upgrade their solar system. Get a quote or speak to us today to start benefit from greater, more reliable solar power over a longer period.

Solar Systems : More Power, Less Panels

With the advancement of micro technology an REA AC solar system produces more power on your roof in a smaller space. With up to 25% more performance per m2 you need less panels on your roof to produce the desired amount of power.


REA Power Micro Technology



REA Power Micro Technology

All panels plug in series together one panel affects the next.


Each panel runs independently and is NOT affected by any other panel in the system.

Dangerously high voltage DC electricity that is a high potential fire risk.

Low Voltage

Low Voltage 240v AC the same power as your building and is circuit protected, no fire risk.

Cannot view performance of individual panels.


Can view each panels performance independently.

Single point of failure = no solar production.


Any component failure is isolated from system.

No back to base panel monitoring.


Back to base panel monitoring standard.

Realise the full potential of Renewable Energy with REA Power. The REA system protects your investment by ensuring maximum safety, energy harvest and reliability.


The REA team are always working on improving the firmware and software interface of the REA Power devices. That is why all of our systems come with FREE live system updates, so your system will always improve in its performance and be compatible with our new technologies being released.

Our 24/7 Monitoring and Support


Individual Panel Monitoring

Each REA Solar panel in a system contains a communicator that reports live data to a central control unit, which is usually located next to and connected to your internet modem. This enables each solar panel to connect to our cloud server and report the individual panel kw performance, voltage, current and even temperature live 24/7. Overall system data can be accessed via our cloud from anywhere around the world.


We Automatically Come Out And Fix Any Issues

If there is any loss in performance or failure of any solar panel it automatically emails our technical department that there is a problem. The email contains the exact panel barcode location on the roof and the exact problem the panel is experiencing. This level of detailed information greatly improves troubleshooting time and efficiency.


Ability To Access Data And Monitor Your Solar

Each REA Solar panel in a system contains a communicator that reports live data to a central control unit, which is manually located next to and connected to your internet modem. This enables each solar panel to connect to our cloud server and report the individual panel kw voltage, current and even temperature live 24/7.

Why Choose REA Solar


We discuss with you the possible benefits of your new solar system, and how you can maximise its effectiveness. We will also determine what system will suit your needs. Now is the perfect time to ask any questions you may have.


We take the agreed upon solar system back to our engineers who prepare your panels to fit on your roof or ground mount perfectly. This will ensure maximum effectiveness, and aesthetics year-round.


Before installation can take place there are some approvals and rebates that need to be signed off. We do this for you so that you don’t need to stress about tricky paperwork. This way you will have your new system approved and ready to go in no time.


Our in-house team of expert solar panel installers will arrive at your home at the agreed upon time to install your new system. Generally, our installers can get your system up and running in as little as 4-8 hours.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill and Let Your Solar Pay For Itself

You can install the world's smartest solar power system today. Contact us now and see how much you can save.

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