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Vertically Integrated Control

When you combine a group of perfectionists, its easier if you control every stage.



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Product Supply






The REA IQ Solar process starts with the individual component manufacturing by our world leading component manufacturing partners. Once the components are completed they are then assembled in our fully Automated semi-conductor level facilities. After completion the REA IQ Module is created and is sent to the testing facility for performance and reliability analysis. Once completed and certified the REA IQ Module is then shipped directly to the local REA office ready for installation. Our all in-house team then installs the system on the building or ground mounted structure and completes the commissioning procedure ready for grid connection. Finally once the network has connected the REA solar system, our maintenance team monitor the performance and reliability 24/7 remotely from our technology centre. (Providing there is a stable internet connection). We oversee each process and enforce strict quality and testing guidelines to ensure a uniform leading solar product is provided to each client.

Research and Development

Our engineering team work closely with our component manufacturing partners to develop the worlds leading solar technology. Manufactured in State of the art fully automated manufacturing facilities we guarantee quality and precision.

All In-House Installation

Our team are employees to gurantee customer service and quality control.

Installation Experience

REA Solar’s in-house installation teams have extensive experience in installing residential and commercial solar power applications and have installed thousands of systems across Australia. We have our full Clean energy council design and installation accreditation for on-grid and off-grid applications, along with our electrical contractors license and QBCC building license.



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Energy Consultation

Getting the most cost efficient system depends on a number of situation factors. REA's experienced solar advisor team will help you determine what systems suit your home, roof, budget and electricity bill.

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Our solar advisor's also have an extensive history in electrical and solar fields, to help educate you on the best possible solar solutions for your individual situation.

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