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Engineered Membrane

Designed in Australia by Chemical and Power Electronics Engineers.

More Power

Increase Solar
Performance by
up to 30%.

Cooler Surface

surface temps
by up to 30degC.

Cooler Interior

Lower internal
temps by up to

Energy Savings

Lower energy
cooling costs by
up to 30%.


Reflection by REA is a Chemically Engineered surface application product that is applied to any commercial roof surface. It is designed to reflect solar radiation and heat which results in a roof surface temperature reduction by almost 50%, and creates a lower temperature air pocket for the solar panels to operate in. For a Bi-Facial solar module, Reflection by REA also boosts the rear side performance by reflecting more solar radiation on to the back of the solar cells. The product also works efectively without solar power by drastically reducing the internal building temperature between 5 and 10 degrees resulting in lower energy costs for air conditioning and refrigeration.


Key Attributes

The results of the technology were so outstanding the product was then independently tested by Queensland University of Technology and commissioned by Ergon Energy in Queensland to confirm the results.

Reflection by REA is designed with 3 Key performance characteristics

Solar Reflectivity

The amount of
solar reflected
from the roof

High Emissivity

Effectiveness of
emitting energy
as thermal

Membrane Thickness

To eliminate the
passage of heat
from the sun to
the roof surface.

Independent Testing

The study was conducted by Queensland University of Technology over a 2 year period and focused on testing the key product attributes and its effect on reducing peak energy demand, cooling and refrigeration costs and reducing the overall building carbon footprint.

Testing Locations

Cathedral School of St. Anne & St james Townsville.

Arndale Shopping Centre Springwood.

James Cook University - Douglas Campus.

Results Overview

21kW Peak Demand

14kW Peak Demand

45°C Roof Surface

32.7°C Roof Surface

34°C Internal

28°C Internal

Data has been extracted and summarised by a study carried out by QUT and Ergon Energy.


Reduction in
surface temp

Reduction in
internal temp


System Design

The product comprises of a 4 layer smart system in order to maximise performance results.

Solar Power Boost

When solar panels are subject to extreme temperatures their performance decreases. By reducing the surface temperature we increase the solar panel performance.

Standard Performance Rating

Solar Panel Standard Temperature Rating(STC) = 25°C

Solar Panel Performance at STC = 260w

Normal Operating Solar surface temperature = 45°C

Solar Panel Performance at NOCT = 187w

Without Reflection


With Reflection


Results based on standard 260w solar module.
REA Solar module has no performance loss and increases rated STC performance with Bi-Facial Module power reflection.

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