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Australia is one the world’s top ten carbon emitters as well as one of the worst performing industrial countries on climate change. The rest of the world has already implemented strategies to switch clean energy and renewables, and we feel that it is now Australia’s time to work together to help Inspire Change and reverse the effects of climate change.


The first step in making Australia a leader in renewable energy and sustainable living, lies in the education of public and more importantly the education of the generation that will one day become our country’s decision makers.


This is our mission and we want others to join.

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Program Insight

The ‘Inspiring Change Program’ has been designed in the form of a presentation and covers the different ways climate change and global warming is affecting the planet.


We explain how little things we can do to inspire change can help reverse the effects. The presentation has been designed for primary school students and includes stimulating video sand interactive material, as well as programs and competitions that the school can get involved in.

School Benefits

Our Inspiring Change presenters will come to your school at no cost thanks to our amazing sponsors.

By participating the school will receive an REA environmental recognition certificate.

Opportunity to win great prizes.


School Competition

During the presentation students, parents and teachers will have a chance to win some amazing prizes such as the latest LG GPAD, as well as REA Solar Merchandise such as hats t-shirts, pens etc.
In order to enter the competition students will have to create a form of artwork that describes one affect of climate change.



The best representation will win an LG GPAD and a funded tree planting day for the school.


We would like to thank our sponsors for making the program possible. These companies are helping us in the fight against climate change and educating people about the true facts.

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