The Benefits of REA For Your Business!

REA’s highly efficient panels produce more power meaning more production and more return on investment

We monitor your system 24/7 to ensure it is performing at its very best! Any problems and we will be straight out to fix it

Systems up to $20 000 are 100% tax deductible for small businesses, so why not get the most advanced system in the market and claim!

Ensuring no risk and potential hazard to your business is vital. REA’s AC safety features eliminate the risk of DC systems such as solar fires, down time and system failures.

The option of paying $0 upfront for up to 5 years interest free, and letting your solar pay for itself!

Proven Results

"Wray Organic Ipswich"

The owners of the popular Organic food store franchise Wray Organics approached REA to help them with reducing their carbon footprint. The team at Wray Organic have big plans for the food industry in Australia and have been working hard to establish themselves as the premier name in the Organic Food industry. REA Solar helped them begin their journey to their ultimate goal of powering their entire business's and future franchises with Renewable Energy. They are focused on making a real difference in peoples lives by providing the healthiest organic food and setting an example to the community that we need to stand up together and inspire change to a sustainable Australia for our future generations.

Here are the stats:

Stage one:

30kW system
100 x 300w LG NEON modules with REA Power micro inverters.
Electricity bill before solar power installation = $6,430 per month
Electricity bill after solar power installation = $5,130 per month
Commercial tariff changes and electrical efficiency improvement brought the total savings thus far to $15,600 per year and a 31% Return on Investment.

Stage two to come:

LG Chem Battery storage with zero export control.
System increase by an additional 50 x 315w LG NEON 2 with REA Power micro inverters.
Stay tuned for future updates.

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