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Take Control of Your Energy with Solar Power

Commercial entities can now achieve greater savings, reliability and control with our Commercial Solar packages. Our solar technology integrates seamlessly into the building to provide a lower power cost for the next 25 years. When designing and Engineering a Commercial solar system we focus on 3 key points:

Electricity Savings

System Performance

Reliability & Safety

Why invest in a commercial solar system?

Investing in a commercial solar power system can assist in drastically reducing your electricity costs and carbon footprints. Protect your business from future rising electricity costs and assist in promoting your business as a sustainable workplace that cares about the environment.


Commercial solar is one of the simplest and fastest ways to reduce electricity consumption costs without impacting on the day to day operations of your business. Now with the help of government incentives it has become one of the fastest growing energy initiatives in Australia and throughout the world.

What are the financial incentives for installing solar?

The main ongoing financial benefit for installing solar power on your business is the continued electricity savings you receive. However there are many other incentives many business owners are not aware of. Here are few of the added benefits you can receive.

Government Subsidy

The Renewable energy target scheme can cover up to 50% of the system purchase cost depending on location and system size.

Government Grants

Eligible organizations can obtain a grant to cover the full cost of installing a commercial solar power system.

Company Tax Benefits

Organizations eligible for depreciation have a 20 year tax benefit installing solar. Accelerated depreciation programs may also apply

Why Choose REA Solar for my commercial solar?

As the industry leader in solar technology innovation, REA Solar focusses on R&D Engineering to provide the highest performing most reliable solar packages for commercial, utility and micro grid application.


Since 2006 we have been delivering solar solutions to Australian businesses and work closely with our clients monitoring system performance and savings to ensure maximum return on investment.


Developing components for Australian conditions you deal direct with the manufacturer.

In-House Team

We employ our own expert team of Engineers, Designers, Installers and service technicians.

Industry Experience

Installing commercial solar for over 12 years in Australia makes us one of the most experienced teams.

Solar Power Qualifications

Commercial Solar Technology

We understand system cost plays a big role when considering the investment of a commercial solar system for your business. That is why we have two system technologies to cater for all commercial and business applications.


We do not however install conventional DC solar systems without panel level optimization in order to guarantee system performance, reliability and most of all safety.




The REA IQ is an ACM (AC Module) and is the worlds most advanced solar technology. It does not require a string inverter as all of the conversion from DC to AC including panel performance maximization is done at panel level which completely eliminated DC electricity all together.


This drastically increases solar performance per m2 whilst guaranteeing ultimate safety and reliability as there few components to the system. Future expandability and battery integration is simple with this solution as it features a plug and play design, so you can expand the system at any point by simply plugging in more modules should your energy requirement be increased or require battery storage to cover any night operations.

Solar Financing Options

When purchasing solar energy there are a number of ways you can achieve your goal of energy independence. We offer 3 simple options for purchasing a commercial solar power system. Upfront purchase, Solar Loan, Solar Lease Purchase.

Solar Loan

Save your cash flow by utilizing a solar loan. The repayments are typically lower than the savings making it cash flow positive from day one.

Upfront Purchase

The fastest return on investment is the upfront system purchase as there is no financed interest so it is the lower purchase cost.

Lease Purchase

Pay for the energy the solar produces each month for less than grid power then once the system value is paid, the ownership gets transferred to you.

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Our solar advisor’s also have an extensive history in electrical and solar fields, to help educate you on the best possible solar solutions for your individual situation.

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