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rea solar technological innovations

Still trying to wrap your head around how solar works? Here is a run through of how Brisbane solar company REA Solar's ultra system works. This is the very latest in solar technology that produces up to 25% more power than conventional systems because of its unique features!

1.   Harness the Power of the sun

REA's world leading solar panels are installed on your roof; they capture the light and convert it to DC electricity. The higher the panel rating the power it will produce.

2.   Convert the DC power to Usable AC

Installed on the back of each panel is a micro inverter that takes the DC power generated by your panels and converts it to AC power that can then be used in your home.

3.   Connections that make it all possible

The cable and components that connect the system to your home is just as important and we use the highest rated products in the world; this ensures maximum safety and unmatched performance.

4.   Running off renewables

The system is now connected to your house mains ready for use; your meter is changed to a solar meter, which measures exported energy your house does not need. You also get paid for the energy exported.

Technological Innovations

Equals higher output and yield for 25 years

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