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REA's Newest addition

The System

Produce More Power for Less

The evolution of the solar power system is finally here. The ultra is the most advanced solar system of its kind. Using advanced digital programming electronics, the system precisely controls the power generation from each solar panel independently, leading to significant increases in overall output whilst greatly improving safety. We are adding a new layer of intelligence, efficiency and reliability.

all weather
power design


More Power

Each panel is optimized for maximum yield. If one panel is shaded it does not affect any other panel in the system.

Multi Weather

Double sided cell design, low light absorption and advanced high temperature tolerance.

Panel Monitoring

Monitor each solar panel independently for maximum performance security. Featuring automatic performance alert to tech support.

Low cost per kwh

Save more money on electricity bills by producing more power and offsetting your grid usage.

Superior Safety

No high voltage DC, no DC isolators required making the system 100 times safer and maintenance free.

Warranty Protection

12 year product 25 year performance on-site warranty including local warranty support backend by component manufacturer.

Lightest Strongest

The worlds lightest solar system and the only system to be independently storm certified by James Cook University.

Zero PID

Guaranteed against potential induced degradation that is caused by high voltage and high temperature.

Guranteed Peformance


Part of the REA service and after care is our 24/7 monitoring. REA –SM is an online portal where our team monitor the solar production of every system we install 24 hrs a day.


If there are any system issues we will know about it and have the system scheduled for a maintenance check before you even know there is any issue.

Performance Gurantee

We provide a performance guarantee that your system will produce as much power as we promise so we must ensure all systems are running at their potential.

More power, more savings

Fewer panels needed.

  vs Conventional Solar

Micro system based on LG 300w NEOn panel conventional system based on generic 250w panel. Quantity and system performance may differ depending on technology, system performance, brand of product, location and orientation of the solar power system.

Features in details

Double Sided Cells

Generate more power when the sun is rising and setting with the double sided cell feature.This attracts more oblique angle light and functions much like a typical household mirror. The rays of sun that would usually go to waste are reflected back through the cell to generate more electricity.

Zero PID

PID or potential-induced degradation is caused by the harmful leakage currents. The affect is accelerated by high system voltages, high system temperature and humidity.The phenomenon can affect any crystalline solar panel and that is why all our manufacturers guarantee against this problem and include it in their warranty.

Anti-Reflective Glass

Glass reflection has a massively negative impact on solar performance. Our Manufacturers have created a treated glass with a sol-gel-roller process that provides a homogeneous and permanent Anti-Reflective coating to help absorb more light. The process reduces the reflectivity by up to 50% and thus generates more overall system performance.

Better in Heat

All solar panels are rated at a STC(Standard Test Condition). So for example a 250w solar panel is rated at STC, the actual output of that solar panel could be 180w. Solar panels all work differently from the rated output in low temperature in a lab to the real world conditions. Our panels feature the worlds best temperature coefficient to guarantee more power then the going gets hot.

Higher Efficiency

Our panels feature high efficiency advanced crystalline solar cells giving then higher overall panel wattage for the same amount of surface area. We create more power from a smaller footprint.

Aesthetically Designed

Creating beautiful energy.

We understand one of the concerns people may have when investing into solar power is the affect the solar panels will have on the architecture and appearance on their home or business.

We have created the most beautiful solar system featuring an all black cell design, piano black finish frame, ergonomic hidden mounting system and no inverter or switches on the wall.

Mounting System

The REA solar mounting system has been developed as a universal system for solar roof installations. The use of patented (pending) aluminum base rails, Click in Clamp and Base Rail Pre Clamp technology eliminates custom cutting and enables particularly fast installation. This means our team spend less time on your roof and have more time to earn money from the sun.

Infinite Flexibility

With the PV Roof Top Rac, both framed and unframed modules can be easily mounted on pitched roofs and flat roofs of various types. REA-Mount specialises in tile, tin, trim dek, and cliplick roof applications.

Perfect Accuracy

The use of telescoping allows the system to be installed with millimeter accuracy, without trimming or cutting to size.